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We updated our profile guidelines in January 2019 to comply with app store policies. Jack'd prides itself on being a sex-positive community, these policies are in place to keep our app accessible to that community through the app stores. We reserve the right to remove public profile photos and/or text that is outside of these guidelines at our discretion.

If you’ve received an alert that your profile is in violation of Jack'd content guidelines, it means that your profile included one or more of the subjects below.




  • No photos displaying exposed genitals or buttocks be they exposed (entirely or in any part) or  covered but clearly visible (e.g. through mesh or wet garments, etc.).
  • No photos displaying visible outline of genitals, erection or exaggerated bulge.
  • No photos displaying genitals obscured with hands, towels, hats, or by other means.
  • No photos where waistline is lowered to draw attention to the groin/pubic area. Any visible pubic hair is considered nudity.
  • No shower shots (i.e. photos while in shower whether genitals are visible or not).


  • No photos framed or cropped to make the crotch or butt the obvious focal point.
  • No photos with hand(s) touching or grabbing genital area or buttocks with or without clothing.

Underwear / Swimwear 

  • No photos in underwear or jockstraps.
  • No photos in bikini-style swimwear except when in outdoor settings (at the beach, by the pool, etc.) and there is no visible outline of genitals.
  • No photos of shorts or pants open to show underwear.


  • No photos of suggestive or explicit sexual acts, either real, illustrated, simulated, or partially obscured.
  • No photos of sexually suggestive embraces or facial expressions related to sexual acts.
  • No photos of sexually suggestive clothing and fetish gear (e.g. mouthpieces, masks, sex toys, etc.).
  • No photos that display semen (or any fluid made to look like semen or ejaculation) on anything in photo.


  • No photos of anyone under 18 years of age.


  • No photos of illegal drugs, drug use or paraphernalia.

Disturbing / Offensive

  • No photos of violent acts to yourself, someone else, or animals; including blood in photo (real or simulated).
  • No photos of guns, knives, or other weapons (real or simulated).
  • No photos of racist, intolerant, hateful, bigoted acts, gestures, or symbols.


  • Members found using someone else's photo as their own will be permanently suspended from Jack'd.

Advertising / Solicitation 

  • No photos used to advertise services, goods, events, websites, or apps.



Inappropriate Text

  • No profanity or curse words in your profile name, including abbreviations, masking and fill-ins.
  • No text meant to threaten, intimidate, harass, defame, or insult another person.
  • No text that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.

Advertising / Solicitation

  • No advertising of services, goods, events, websites, or apps.
  • No advertising massage or escort services.
  • No phone numbers or social media handles in your profile name or text.


  • No mention of illegal drugs or text referring to sex while on drugs (e.g. "partying").



Our community is what sets Jack'd apart, and we’re proud to have cultivated a fun and inclusive space where our all of our members around the globe can freely and authentically be themselves. As the biggest LGBTQ-owned and operated dating app, we don’t just build the app, we’re users too, and we’re deeply committed to keeping Jack'd a friendly and safe place for everyone.

To that end, we reserve the right to remove profiles at any time if they’re not in keeping with the community conduct guidelines below. For all the specifics of what’s allowed in profile photos and text, please read through our Profile Guidelines. Our Terms of Service cover this in even greater detail.

No hate.
We have a zero tolerance policy toward content that promotes or condones violence, hate, or discrimination based on things like race, ethnicity, disability, age, gender identity, HIV status, nationality, or religion.

No harassment.
Behavior that is bullying, shaming, abusive, harassing, trolling, attacking or aggressive is strictly prohibited on Jack'd.

No impersonation.
We don’t tolerate fake accounts, so please don’t pretend to be anyone else, including celebrities. If you believe someone is impersonating you or someone you know, use the report button so we can investigate.

No copyrighted content.
If you don't own the rights to a photo or illustration, please don't include it in your profile.

No illegal activity.
Discussion or promotion of drug dealing, fraud, illegal sexual acts, threats, photos of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, or anything else that’s against the law is not allowed on Jack'd. If it’s illegal offline, please don’t do it here.

No solicitation.
Advertising, selling, and other promotions aren’t allowed on Jack'd. This includes sexual services such as escorts and massage.

If you have an event to promote, we definitely want to hear about it -- just not on your profile. Please visit to get yours listed.

No spam.
Sending messages or creating accounts for the purpose of driving members to a business or external site isn’t allowed.

Don’t request (or share your own) personal financial information such as PayPal, Venmo, Amazon wishlists, etc. for the purpose of receiving money or goods from other Jack'd users.

What you can do
We are a community rooted in inclusivity, and we expect all of our members to respect each other’s different backgrounds, lived experiences, opinions, and beliefs, and to treat others as they’d like to be treated.

If you encounter someone who’s violating the guidelines above, you can report them by tapping the report profile icon in the top right corner of their profile and selecting Report. Our team will review the profile and take appropriate action. You can learn more about reporting profiles here.

If you encounter someone who has upset you but not necessarily broken any rules, we suggest tapping report profile icon in the top right corner of their profile and selecting Block. You and the other member will no longer see each other in the grid or be able to communicate with each other.

For all the specifics of what’s allowed in profile photos and text, please read through our Profile Guidelines. Our Terms of Service cover all of this in even greater detail.



Your email address and links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or gamer profiles are allowed. The content of external links must adhere to the guidelines above, or they will be removed.

Links to personal websites or small businesses are generally allowed provided they adhere to the guidelines above.

Links to and language about messaging services other than those listed above are prohibited and will be removed.

Jack'd reserves the right to remove links at its discretion.


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